The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup

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There are two ways to buys tickets for the tournament:

  • Online:
  • By phone: you can contact our ticketing office at 514-273-1515 ext. 1 or toll-free at 1-855-TENNIS-0, 1.855.836.6470

Tickets are only available online at or by telephone at 514-273-1515 ext. 1 or toll-free at 1-855-TENNIS-0, 1.855.836.6470

The National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Montréal will take place from August 5-14, 2022 at IGA Stadium (285 Rue Gary-Carter, Montréal, QC, H2R 2W1)

The tournament consists of 15 sessions of tennis.

Qualifying matches are played on Saturday and Sunday. Players ranked outside the Top 50 compete for a spot in the main draw. From Monday through Saturday, there are two sessions per day: one in the daytime and one in the evening. The singles and doubles finals are played on Sunday. Day session tickets are not valid for the evening session on Centre Court.

In 2022, the men (ATP) will play in Montréal while the women (WTA) will compete in Toronto.

That depends! There are more matches earlier in the week, but, as the week progresses and the excitement builds, the fewer and fewer remaining players fight to become the next National Bank Open presented by Rogers champion.

A mobile ticket is a virtual ticket downloaded to your smartphone from My Account +

For the 2022 National Bank Open presented by Rogers, mobile tickets will be available closer to the tournament. Over the next few months, all of our ticketholders will receive the necessary information to manage, transfer and download their tickets for the event.

Do you prefer the sides, corners or ends of the court? Each area has its benefits, so it really depends on your personal preference. For more information, you can take a look at our stadium maps to help you identify what could work for you.

To have shade during the day session, it’s best to sit in the top rows on the south and west sides of the stadium. In the evening, after the sun sets, it’s best to be on the west side of the stadium. IGA Stadium is an outdoor venue, so remember to bring sunscreen and a hat. It can get very hot!

For more information, you can take a look at our stadium maps.

Get in touch with a customer service representative for the platform on which the tickets were purchased. Be sure to follow the reseller’s policies and procedures.

Get in touch with the individual or organization who gave you the tickets. Be sure to follow all policies and procedures.

Yes, the ticketing office at the IGA Stadium will be open during the tournament, form August 5-14, 2022. The tickets window is located near the main entrance, via the Gary-Carter Street.

Tickets for the 2022 National Bank Open presented by Rogers entitle you this year to the following:

  • Access to the site of the event held at the IGA Stadium;
  • Access to the seat(s) and to the session(s) that you will have selected to attend the matches;
  • Access to various restaurants.

More details regarding your visit to the National Bank Open presented by Rogers will be communicated in the months leading to the event.

National Bank Open presented by Rogers is an elimination tennis tournament, and the following day’s schedule of play is therefore determined every evening. That’s why it’s impossible to purchase tickets in advance and guarantee a specific player will be competing.

Although more details regarding the formula for the next edition of the National Bank Open presented by Rogers will be communicated closer to the event, here is an overview of the changes expected in 2022:

  • Mobile tickets only: in 2022, your phone becomes your ticket. It will be very important to download your ticket on your smart phone from My Account + before coming to the stadium. No paper tickets will be sent by post.
  • Restaurants: we are currently working on a scenario to bring back catering services similar to those of the pre-pandemic tournaments. It will also be possible to order food directly from your seat (level 100 and level 300 – IGA zone only) in 2022.
  • Payment on-site: no cash payment will be accepted on-site. All payments must be made by debit / credit card.

Yes. In 2022, it will be possible to purchase (in advance or the day of your visit) tickets at the tickets window to come and enjoy the site and its numerous activities.

The stadium is equipped with elevators, and a limited number of wheelchair seats are available on levels 200 and 300. Call 1 (855) 836-6470 for information. One of our representatives will reserve your seats. A number of parking spaces are also available via Rue Gary-Carter. A valid government-issued parking permit is required.

Children under the age of two do not require a ticket, provided they sit on your lap and do not inconvenience other ticket holders. Children under the age of five will not be admitted to level 100 on both Centre Court.

In the event of rain, the tournament will do everything in its power to make sure the scheduled matches are played.

  • If it’s raining, my session is about to start and I’m still at home…
    We do ask that you make your way to the IGA Stadium. There’s no telling how long the rain delay will be. It’s always better to be on site because it only takes 20 minutes to dry the courts once the rain stops.  
  • If it’s raining and I’m at IGA Stadium…
    Please be patient. We’ll keep you updated around the site. It’s best to remain seated because, once it stops raining, it only takes 20 minutes to dry the courts and resume play. Therefore, to ensure ticket holders don’t take cover in groups, umbrellas will be exceptionally allowed in the stands. In addition, the clay courts on level 300 can accommodate up to 700 people in compliance with social distancing requirements. Even in the event of rain, ticket holders must comply with all distancing measures in effect.
  • If a session is cancelled because of rain, the tickets office will contact the individual who purchased the ticket via email. Please read our rain policies to learn more about rain delays.

Tennis Canada will respect all public health guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. Participants at the National Bank Open presented by Rogers will therefore have to comply with the regulations that may still be enforced in 2022.

Tennis Canada will also implement various measures to limit contacts on-site, such as mobile tickets instead of paper tickets.

More information on the sanitary measures to respect will be communicated closer to the event.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, do not attend the National Bank Open. For ticket information, call the ticket office at 1 (855) 836-6470, ext. 2 or write to [email protected].

Just by attending the National Bank Open presented by Rogers, you are directly contributing to tennis development in Canada and Montreal. As a non-profit organization, Tennis Canada invests net proceeds from the tournament into growing the sport across the country and in local communities.

If the tournament is canceled, postponed or held at reduced capacity due to government directives, we will communicate with all of our customers regarding our terms and conditions applicable to tickets (refund, credit, relocation of your seats or any another possible solution).