The National Bank Open, formerly Rogers Cup


A mobile ticket is a digital ticket downloaded on your smartphone from My Account+ or the National Bank Open mobile app.  

Mobile tickets for the National Bank Open presented by Rogers will be accessible in mid-June 2022. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share the steps to manage, transfer and download your tickets.  

Secure: lower risk of loss, theft, counterfeiting and forgetting them 

Quick and effective: quick access to the tournament site 

Environmentally friendly: no more printed tickets 

Practical: easily transferrable  

  1. Mobile app: download the National Bank Open mobile app on your smartphone from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).  
  1. Web browser: access your National Bank Open customer portal (My Account+) from your smartphone or personal computer by going to  
  1. E-wallet: download your mobile ticket to your smartphone’s e-wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay). 

Important note: tickets in PDF format and screenshots will not be accepted at the National Bank Open.   

No. National Bank Open tickets no longer include a print option to protect the integrity of your tickets, prevent fraud and counterfeiting and be more environmentally friendly.

No. If you receive a screenshot, contact the ticket holder and ask them to send you the ticket in a valid format. You must have a mobile ticket accessible through the app, customer portal or your smartphone’s e-wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) to enter IGA Stadium. 

No worries! Use your computer to accept the tickets and add them to your account. When you arrive at the National Bank Open presented by Rogers, go to the ticket window outside IGA Stadium (285 Rue Gary-Carter), and a representative will print them for you. Valid photo ID is required.  

If you require assistance prior to the tournament, call the ticket office at 1-855-836-6470 ext. 2 or write to

There’s free Wi-Fi at IGA Stadium. We strongly recommend you add your tickets to your e-wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) before you leave for the National Bank Open so your tickets are available offline. 

Also known as a mobile wallet or digital wallet, an e-wallet is a mobile app you can download from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). It allows you to securely add debit and credit cards, boarding passes, tickets, car keys and more to your smartphone.  

Yes. Go to your account, select a session and slide your finger to the left or right to display all your tickets for the session. We recommend you transfer the tickets to all your guests before the session to avoid any situation that could prevent you from entering IGA Stadium or accessing the tournament site.  

We recommend you transfer the tickets to your guests before the session. Otherwise, you will have to wait for them at the stadium gates so you can all be admitted together. You can transfer your tickets up to one hour after the start of the session. 

No. They’re two different accounts. My Account+ is for purchases made through the National Bank Open portal, including all tickets purchased directly through Tennis Canada. 

Your Ticketmaster account is for purchases made through, the Ticketmaster call centre and the Ticketmaster Exchange resale platform.  

1.       Download the National Bank Open mobile app and log in to your account. 2.       Make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged before you leave for IGA Stadium.3.       If you’re attending the tournament with guests, go to My Account+ to send each person their ticket. 4.  Screenshots will not be accepted.  

Transferring your mobile tickets is a free, simple, safe and secure way to directly send tickets to a third-party through the National Bank Open app or My Account+ portal. By transferring your tickets, your guests will each receive their own mobile ticket to the tournament.  

No. Screenshots will not be accepted. You must transfer the tickets through the My Account+ portal, which may also be accessed through the tournament’s official mobile app.  

When the transfer is complete, one of two statuses will appear: 

  • Pending acceptance: your guest hasn’t accepted the transfer or taken possession of the ticket yet. Remind your guest to check their inbox for a notice. 
  • Accepted: your guest has accepted and taken possession of the ticket. The ticket will no longer be available in your account. 

Yes, as long as the person to whom you sent the ticket doesn’t accept it. To cancel a transfer, go to the National Bank Open mobile app or My Account+, select the ticket you transferred by mistake and then select CANCEL TRANSFER. Once a ticket has been accepted, the only way to get it back is to ask the receiver to transfer it back to you. 

When you transfer a ticket through the National Bank Open mobile app or My Account+ portal, the transaction doesn’t synch with your smartphone’s e-wallet. We recommend you delete the ticket from your e-wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) once the transfer is complete.  

Note: When the ticket is transferred, a new bar code is generated, and the earlier versions of the ticket are cancelled. Therefore, even if the original ticket remains in your e-wallet, the bar code is invalid. 

If you haven’t signed up for My Account+, you’ll be asked to create an account to accept the ticket. We recommend you download the official app of the National Bank Open to access your ticket and enhance your experience. 

You can transfer a ticket up until one hour after the start of the session, providing the ticket was not used to enter IGA Stadium. 

Yes. The steps to transfer tickets also apply to parking passes.